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I love my job and the satisfaction that comes with it. I savour the early starts on set, the high pressure under task & executing challenging focus pulls. 

I work across commercials, narrative, documentaries and promos and have had the pleasure of working with BSC cinematographers, international production companies and veterans of the industry. I cherish the daily variety of requirements of the job - camera and kit logistics and maintenance, creative problem solving, forward thinking to pre-empt the next steps of the shoot and working with my team to get the best result possible for everyone involved.

I am experienced in all mainstream digital cinema camera formats and have focused and loaded 35mm, 16mm & Super 8mm film. I've handled anamorphic, spherical, vintage, full format and all manner of technical lens configurations. I've focus pulled cameras on cranes, Russian arm, gimbal, Steadicam & tracking vehicles.


Covering the full range of production sizes, I have worked with full multi-camera crews through to smaller, documentary style units as a single assistant and enjoy the thrills of each.


I enjoy working with DOPs of all variety of approaches: those who are fully hands on, to a more relaxed guiding creative approach towards equipment and setups and all in between. I enjoy learning on the job the style of the person I'm working alongside to make for a smooth shoot for all involved.


I’m based in Finsbury Park in North London and I work all over the world on short and long form projects. I’ve had the pleasure of travelling with equipment from the UK to 3 out of the 4 corners of the world -  shooting from the top of the frozen Swiss Alps to the Tropical Regions of Taiwan, Deserts of Rajasthan to the Metropolis of LA.

I take pride in having good relationships with all the significant rental houses in London to keep on the pulse of new equipment available. A key part of the preproduction is assisting the DOP and production with the kit list to help get the most effective and efficient shooting package for the job within any restrictions. I have a number of regular 2nd ACs, DITs, Grips & Video ops whom I’m confident to recommend to production teams if needed.


Contact me with an enquiry

+44 797 0388 835  / pwblakemore@gmail.com

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